Saturday, January 18, 2003

Well here I am in America and my good mate Ed has set up one of these blog thigs for me, so I suppose I'd better use it. I suppose the first thing I want to say is that some people not in the chemistry know think that coming over here is some kind of backpacking holiday. Oh no nothing could be farther from the truth, having just finished my phd I have come to do post doctoral work and have been lucky enough to get a place at this highly esteemed institute of learning MIT. So basically what I do is work in a lab 6 days a week for about 10-12 hours a day with little holiday a year trying to develop some important reaction. As you can imagine this does not leave a great deal of leisure time.

When I first left England after a tearful farewell to Lise I got on the plane and shit myself (not literally). My first impulse was to get out of the plane and go home. This feeling persisted for some time although I did manage to forget about things by watching the Bourne identity the office and the first series of Alan Partridge. I watched some of the tuxedo as well before deciding that it was in fact awful.

After much stress and running around filling forms in and going on training courses I am feeling a little more settled now. The weather here is bloody cold but bright most days. It is -15 outside today and I don't think its been above 0 degrees since my arrival (the river has frozen solid) which is the coldest weather I have ever experienced, believe me thats cold!

Things are pretty different out here there are big buildings and cars and people. The drains all have steam coming out of them like in films don't know why that is? I have to talk really slow otherwise people do not understand my Lestar speak and I keep using slang terms and proverbs which people do not understand. I have also still not quite managed to program my brain to look the correct way when crossing roads, which is a worry.

Anyway that's all for now.

Sunday, January 12, 2003

I know it's a bit bare at the moment Mark, but hopefully you'll enjoy writing lots of interesting stories on here about all the Baseball games you've been to, what Sam from Cheers is REALLY like, and er, maybe even a bit of Chemistry stuff if you get really stuck for ideas....

Feel free to complain if you don't like the colour etc, and let me know what other stuff you want putting on and i'll give it a bit of a tweak during a quiet moment at work.

I look forward to hearing the first installment of Boston according to Dr Mark, real soon ok?